Thursday, April 25, 2013

Renee Will Be Missed

Continental Travelnurse only recruits the best nurses and partners with the best hospitals. How lovely when that professionalism and passion for their work is recognized. Here's a personal, handwritten letter our nurse Renee received when saying goodbye to her job in Eastbourne. It's not from her immediate supervisor and it's not feedback we requested from the hospital. It's a note that one of the doctors she worked with took the time to deliver to Renee unbidden.

Dear Renee,
It is with great sadness that you are leaving. I say this not just because you are a fellow Aussie...but because during your time here at Eastbourne you have set a standard for your work in nursing that would be hard to surpass. You combine excellent nursing practice with trustworthiness; along with that, you have the gift of being able to touch the lives of the children and their parents with compassion and understanding of their difficulties.
Enjoy your travels in Europe Renee! And when you get home, remember you will not be forgotten here.
Very best wishes,

What a wonderful gesture and a great tribute to Renee. It's a good reminder we should let the people we value highly know it. If you want your nursing skills to be highly valued while living and exploring the UK and Europe, come to the Continental Travelnurse website for more information.