Thursday, December 4, 2014


Here at Continental Travelnurse, we're constantly amazed by the great experiences our nurses have both on and off the job. They use their valuable skills to help others and travel the world at the same time. On the job, they save lives. On weekends and holidays, they are just as motivated to have fun and explore, be it the UK, neighboring countries...or the skies.

Our friend Marcini from the Philippines takes the cake this week for coolest gig: he used his off day to fly as an observer with the Royal London Air Ambulance. That's right, he was in a  helicopter, high over London, rushing to scenes where medical help was desperately needed. Why isn't this a TV show? :)

Here's Marcini telling us about his adventure, what he calls a dream come true.

"It's sooooooooooooo cool!! It was just an amazing experience.  Although i did some mede-vacs before with the army when I was requested to accompany a patient, with the RAA I actually helped them with the patient on scene. I would love to do this again.

"We started at 0630 then right after buying breakfast and orientation with the safety procedures we had our first call: a man fallen in scaffolding, body twisted when we got there. We stabilized him and he was lucky.

"The majority of our calls for the day were injuries from falls. One man fell from a roof and didn't make it -- he passed away on scene with a massive head injury and multiple rib fractures. A road traffic accident guy had an open fracture on his shoulder so we have to reduce it and put a splint on him after anesthetizing him. One was a 60 year-old man who also fell from a roof.

"London is so small when travelling by air!! The last call we had was when the aircraft needed to be back in the airfield because it was getting dark -- aircraft like this are allowed only during daylight in London) and we were brought back to Royal London by "blues" or police. Our three minutes of flight time home was equivalent to thirty minutes by car.

"So that's it. My adventure for a day with the HEMS team. It was awesome!! Even running with thirty kgs of trauma pack, looooonnng coveralls, bagels we bought at 0640 that were eaten at 1400, and cold weather. (It's freezing cold at the helipad!)

"My next adventure may be in Southampton. I was invited by a doctor whom i met in the Philippines, to visit them and see what they do and some courses they have.

"Take care,


Friday, October 24, 2014

A Day Trip To London

At Continental Travelnurse, it's hard to forget how accessible all parts of the UK and indeed Western Europe are to our travel nurses. We can't forget because our nurses are constantly taking day trips and weekend jaunts to here, there and everywhere. The latest example? Kathleen Cruz and April Palacios! They've been in the UK for about a month from the Philippines and are having a blast. Here's a shot of the two of them in London recently and having fun. They're using their highly valued skills at the East Surrey hospital in Redhill!

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Friday, September 19, 2014

Did Continental Travelnurse Set A World Record?

We're not sure if we set a world record, but it sure felt like we hit our personal best recently. How? By welcoming dozens of new nurses into the UK all at once. Here are two shots of us meeting a clutch of them at Heathrow before they headed off to their new homes in Cambridge.

Now it's not exactly Where's Waldo, so you only get a few bonus points for spotting our super star recruiter Lina from Sweden amidst all these talented people in the second photo. It was a fun and exciting challenge to make sure everything ran smoothly for our new nurses. Happily our Cambridge Welcoming Team was up to the task, especially Mwana our housing coordinator extraordinaire! With all hands on deck, it came off smoothly. Our real satisfaction will be watching them have an exciting time as they excel at their work, make friends and explore the UK and Europe.

But it's nice to start off with this text from one of the new members of our family, Patrick.  He wrote to his recruiter: "Hello, Erin! I’m already here in Cambridge and the place is amazing. We met Rafaela, Lina and Stephanie at the airport and they brought us to each of our designated houses. I was surprised with the house. It is really BIG and our back yard is like a tennis court! Ha ha! It’s very comfortable here and the weather is great! The staff of Continental Travelnurse that we met were very dedicated in welcoming us. I feel like the luckiest man alive!"

Thanks for letting us know how great your adventure has begun, Patrick. If you want to join our family at Continental Travelnurse, use your skills to make money and see the world, go to our website today for more info or just call us!

New Nurses Welcomed At Redhill-Surrey

At Continental Travelnurse, we are always delighted to meet new nurses, welcome them to the UK and help them settle in to their new homes. The best part? It might be how pleased and happy they are with their accommodations. It might be the pleasure they get in their work and the appreciation for their skills. It might be the new friends they make right away while having an adventure in a new land.'s all of these things.

Here are three new friends just arriving from the Philippines for Redhill-Surrey. They look quite chipper after a very long flight: meet Kathleen Rose Cruz, Cherily Victorio and April Palacios.

It didn't take long for them to be welcomed. Here are two of them getting to know their new neighbors and coworkers Princess Romero, Joseph Risos and Marcini Ramilo. 

If you want to join the Continental Travelnurse family, if you want to use your skills to see the world and make money while making friends, check out our main website. 

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Continental Travelnurse Explores Lands End

No, no, we're not sending our Continental Travelnurses to the ends of the earth! But the women and men who take their highly valued skills as nurses and use them to see the world are an adventurous sort. Take Helena Isaksson, from Sweden. She's taking advantage of her time in the UK to explore the region -- and that took her to Lands End in Cornwall, the most westerly point in England. Helena took some gorgeous photographs as she explored towns like Penzanze where she stayed (not a pirate to be seen, alas), St Ives and Sennen, where she fell in love with the famous "First and Last House."  (That's the charming white building below.) When our nurses aren't saving lives, they're promoting tourism all over Europe! Check out some of Helena's lovely images. And if you want to see the world and get paid doing it, check out Continental Travelnurse's website for more info.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Our Nurses Get Around

Some of our nurses take "travel nursing" very literally. They don't just explore the UK and Europe: they explore the world. That's what you can do when you use the highly valued training of top-flight nurses to partner with Continental Travelnurse.  Take Yolanda Kummeneker. She's from the Philippines and Yolanda has been in the UK on assignment. Now she's using the money she earned to travel to the United States and beyond. She's in Florida (the birthplace of travel nursing, by the way!) and will see other sites before coming back to London in September for another assignment. Who knows where she'll head next as a nurse or a tourist? If this photo is any indication, maybe Mars? :) Have fun, Yolanda!

Great Photos From Priory Park

Our nurses never cease to surprise us with their talents. We should be used to it by now at Continental Travelnurse: when you work with the best, you get the best. Marcini Ramilo is from the Philippines and he's currently working at East Surrey Hospital. That puts him near Priory Park, the most beautiful and popular public space in Reigate. Check out these amazing images. Thanks for sharing, Marcini! And if you'd like to be part of an amazing and talented team that uses their in-demand skills as nurses to see the world, check out our website for Continental Travelnurse.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Continental Travelnurses Head To Poland!

Our nurses come from all over the world to work and play in the UK. But their adventurous spirit doesn't stop there. They use their homes here as a launching pad to explore the rest of the UK and Europe on day trips, weekend excursions and vacations between assignments. Philippa, Leigh and Vicki headed to Warsaw, Poland. Their story is below.

(Leigh and Philippa at the Opera House)

Dear Continental Travelnurse Friends

January in Poland - brrrr! - minus seven to twelve! and snowing when we arrived...& every day after. But it was absolutely fabulous. We stayed in an apartment in Warsaw & had a good look around. Tried traditional Polish food & of course Vodka -- for medicinal purposes only, as our tee-totaler Methodist Grandfather used to say.  

We even went to the Warsaw Opera & saw a famous Polish opera - "The Haunted Manor" - romance & comedy with strong patriotic undertones. It was written in the 19th century & became very popular with the locals - the Russians, in control at the time, even went as far as to ban it at one stage. Thank goodness for subtitles! The costumes, music & dance was superb & it really was a fun thing to do.

The saddest thing we did was a day trip to the Auschwitz-Berkenau extermination camp.We took a train from Warsaw to Krakow. OMG what a heartbreaking visit. Those poor people living in those conditions & so brutally treated & then murdered. An estimated 1.1-1.6 million of them here alone.
All those piles of spectacles, shoes, prostheses, suitcases.... And it was a bleak bleak day, very cold, very windy, grey sky.

Afterwards, we picked up a walking tour of Krakow, the former capital of Poland, & got to see a lot of the town's famous landmarks. I found the Polish people very friendly & the Polish men gorgeous! Obviously this is where I've been going wrong!

Kind Regards


Monday, January 20, 2014

Annual Ice-Skating Party!

Continental Travelnurse had its annual ice skating party in London for our staff and the great nurses based close enough to join us! It was on the 16th of January and new nurses joined some of our terrific talent that has been with us for a while. We enjoyed nibbles and a drink or two, along with stories about our adventures as travel nurses. Thanks to everyone who came for the fun!

Climb Every Mountain!

Two of our nurses went for a walkabout: Haley and Megan are in London at St. Thomas. On an afternoon off, they hiked up Parliament Hill and shared the photo with us. Looking good!