Thursday, July 26, 2012

Another Nurse Becomes A Friend For Life

Notes like this from the nurses we work with at Continental Travelnurse make all the hard work we do worthwhile. Thanks so much for taking the time to share your appreciation, Katie! Here's her full email in response to an email from us checking in to make certain she'd arrived safely back home:

Yes, I am back safely and getting settled in. I just got a nursing job over here and am moving to Orange County soon!
I hope you and the rest of the Continental Travelnurse team know how much I appreciate you!! I would not have been able to be with my now fiance if it wasn't for your company taking me on board and finding me a job in London. I always felt like I could email/call/show up/talk/etc! It didn't feel like a big company where I would get lost in the crowd; it felt personal.
I felt like a staff nurse in the hospital and on Victoria Ward the Continental Travelnurse nurses were very respected and treated like a staff nurse every day at work. Those nurses are truly special and work so hard for the patients. My struggling for the first month at the transition was worth the two years of amazing nursing experiences I had while in London!! TOTALLY worth it!! St Thomas' hospital and the nurses on Victoria Ward will always be in my heart, and Continental Travelnurse especially because you made it possible for me.
Please tell everyone thank you. I am getting married to my handsome "Brit" in two months and we would not be where we are today without Continental Travelnurse Ltd. I hope to one day return. I will always have good things to say and advice to give other nurses so if ever you need someone for a nurse considering your company please send them my way. I have made lifelong friends there. Just wanted to say my THANK YOU as I had not done before. You made these last two years at Continental Travelnurse very enjoyable and frankly very easy!! THANKS!!!!!!