Wednesday, May 1, 2013

A Patient Writes In With A Wonderful Thank You!

Our nurses often tell us what a great experience they've had with Continental Travelnurse. Our hospital clients always tell us how great our nurses perform. But it's pretty uncommon to receive a note from patients -- probably because as soon as they're out of the hospital, they want to forget all about it. The next time you or someone you know is in hospital and gets great care, take a few minutes to write a note and say thanks. It will mean a lot to them. Here's a wonderful note one of our nurses received from a patient.

Dear Sir/Madam,

I was admitted to St. Thomas's on 23/03/13 via A&E with suspected appendicitis. I had recently moved to London and had no friends or family living locally. As I had become acutely ill when visiting the city on my day off, I only had the contents of my handbag and the clothes I was wearing with me. I was in a lot of pain and had fever and obviously felt very vulnerable. After the shock of my admission had subsided I felt rather scared and alone at the thought of facing several days in hospital and a possible operation. My phone battery and died and I had no way of contacting my father back home in Birmingham.

First of all, I want to say that every point of care during my stay was unmatched and the care and service I received from all your staff was impeccable. I was seen promptly by the medical, surgical and gynaecological teams. They treated me with dignity, spoke to me honestly and openly and kept me informed of my situation at all times. The gynaecology SHO on call on the night of the 23rd (Ben, I think?) was extremely helpful and I owe a huge thank you to the Crohn's Consultant Andrew Williams who addressed my fears regarding my Crohn's and talked me through the exact process of the various investigations I would have done.

Secondly I want to point out the First Class care I received from a particular nurse Hanna S----- on the gynae unit throughout my stay. I would appreciate it if you could please relay this to her and her nurse in charge/ward manager if possible. I arrived on the gynae unit on 24th March and by this point I was exhausted and feeling very sorry for myself! I could not have asked for anyone more diligent, caring and professional. She got me a phone charger so that I could contact my family and made sure the relevant teams were informed of the progress of my scans. She listened when I was worried and made sure I had everything I needed. In a time when nurses are receiving such bad press, I think it is essential to recognize good care. Hannah was the perfect nurse and I am extremely grateful for her going the extra mile with regards to my care.

I would recommend your hospital to anyone who would listen. The care was outstanding. My condition was investigated thoroughly and I am now feeling 100% better thanks to your teams.

Yours faithfully,