Thursday, April 25, 2013

More Great Feedback From Our Nurses

Join the Continental Travelnurse family and you can have an adventure while living and working in the UK. Many of our nurses also take weekends and holidays in the rest of Europe -- they're a quick and easy (and very inexpensive) plane or train away. Travel nurses are bold and fun, but they're also putting their trust in us and it's great when they let us know their trust was rewarded.

Deb sent us a lovely note after getting back home:

I'm back in Australia now! Nice to be home but I do miss London life and Farah heaps!

Thank you for all your help in the last year. Your support, right from the beginning when I first called, has been greatly appreciated. CTN should know you are a great asset to their company.

If I'm ever in NY or maybe London again, I'll let you know :)


The hospitals also put their trust in us. They know we only work with the best, but they're always happy to let us know that we've met the high standards they expect from us again and again. Here's feedback from a hospital manager after a nurse's stint with them. Jacquee is a New Zealand nurse who chose to work in Overnight Intensive Recovery for one year. They were sad to see her go.

‘Jaquee was hard working, a good team player, and had excellent team rapport. Nothing was ever too much trouble for Jaquee!’ 

Nurses who join Continental Travelnurse have great adventures, make friends for life...and sometimes even more. Over on Facebook, Shannon had this to say:

"If it weren't for Continental Travelnurse, I wouldn't have met my husband or have my two beautiful children!" -- Shannon

Congrats again, Shannon on finding more than you ever expected when coming to the UK to work with Continental Travelnurse. If you want to see where your nursing skills can take you, check out our website.