Thursday, April 25, 2013

Renee In Egypt

Join the family at Continental Travelnurse and even your new job will be an adventure. You get to explore part of the UK and be near Europe and so much more. Our nurse Renee shared some photos from her vacation in Egypt. Like many of the travel nurses, she worked for a while to make money, and then took a grand vacation.

Here's what Renee told us when sharing the photos: "I'm back from my week in Egypt and had an amazing time there. I want to go there again. I've attached some photos for you. The tour had 28 people on it from Australia, Canada, USA, South Africa and Venezuela. It was a great group. I really enjoyed the cruise along the Nile for 3 days and Hurghada on the Red Sea. On Saturday 19th I'm heading to Austria (Innsbruck) to go skiing for 15 days. I'm really excited to give it a go and I have my fingers and toes crossed I don't hurt myself in any way." -- Renee

 Thanks for sharing Renee. If you want to see what travel nursing is all about, visit the Continental Travelnurse website.