Thursday, April 25, 2013

Royal Spotting!

At Continental Travelnurse, we can't guarantee you'll always be bumping into members of the Royal Family, but it's easier than you think. Anne emailed us some photos of her birthday party and the night she spent with Prince William (ok, the night she stood near Prince William. Briefly. But still! Here's what Anne told us about her royal spotting:


I went to the movie premiere of The Hobbit at Leicester Square last night. I didn't actually watch the movie, I just wanted to see celebrities get out of their cars! lol....Anyway, I knew my boy William was coming but no one knew what time. So I asked a security guard, and he said he will be coming late...700pm instead of people started to leave and I stayed ha-ha. So I saw his car and the windows weren't tinted. Gosh, he's so adorable. Attached is a picture to see how close it was! lol. VIVA ENGLAND! -- Anne

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