Monday, January 31, 2011

Lower Costs and Better Health Care? It Can Happen

The New Yorker has a fascinating article about "targeting" high risk users of medical care the same way many cities targeted high crime areas. The results could be revolutionary. Read about it here.

Balancing "Acess" And Good Patient Care

In the UK, Dr. Christian Jessen writes in the Evening Standard that he's worried new rules to improve "access" may mean less face to face time between doctors and patients. Read his column here.

Great Accommodations And Easy Commute

Continental Travelnurse Yolanda is very pleased with her accommodations and easy travel to work! She writes us: "Good taste! I love the flat you chose for us. I feel like being in 2 cities-London and Las Vegas. I love the view vis a vis.... We have a very busy ward but it is alright for me. I like working there. Hope they would like me too.It is really nice and comfortable to use C10 going back and forth to St. Thomas. Warm regards,

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Chronic Drug Shortages In Canada For Some Generic Drugs

In Canada, people are discovering chronic shortages of drugs for depression, heart and other conditions. Why? Generic drugs with dwindling demand don't pay enough. Users are confused and worried. The Globe & Mail explains.

Friday, January 14, 2011

We Love Feedback Like This!

Here's a very friendly, unsolicited comment from a Matron at a top London hospital who was looking for more nurses she could bring in from Continental Travelnurse.

"The nurses you provide are excellent!" said Debbie, in London, explaining why she turned to us first.

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