Tuesday, November 18, 2008


We’re moving! Anyone who has visited the Continental Travelnurse headquarters in London knows that we have been bursting at the seams for quite a while now. Finally, after long and careful consideration, our offices are moving a few blocks away to larger quarters at 11 Bruton St.

The most important fact is that nothing has changed for our clients and nurses: you can reach us by phone and email by all the current methods and we will continue to provide you the best possible service. Too many businesses place a premium on a flashy address and posh amenities. You can always spot a new business poised to fail when a company spends lots of money on fancy digs.

Continental Travelnurse knows our most important investment is in our nurses and clients. That’s why we began in a tiny basement office and then after a year of sustained success moved into a top-floor location on a modest side street only a few steps away.

We’ve been building our business ever since and for quite a while the Continental Travelnurse staff has been cheek by jowl with one another. But our commitment has always been to managed growth: we didn’t want to move again until it was absolutely necessary and we were able to find the right location at the right price.

That time has arrived and we’ve moved a few blocks away from our current spot. In fact, we can step a few yards away from our new entrance and see all three of our past and present locations. In a way, that captures the spirit of Continental Travelnurse: we want to stay rooted in the practices that have brought us success, grow when it’s prudent and possible and always keep in sight what matters most -- the clients and nurses that are at the core of what we do.

But to be honest, it HAS been quite crowded. The previous location was a comfy spot located on the attic floor of a tiny building and had very low ceilings, which meant our voices echoed all over the room when staff were on the phones.

The best aspect of the new address? Leslie Giltz, the founder and head of Continental Travelnurse, laughs and says, “Shannon can stop hovering around the copy machine so she can hear herself talking on the phone.”

Bruton Street, like virtually every part of London, has some remarkable history. Queen Elizabeth II was born just a few doors down at 17 Bruton Street on 21 April 1926. Perhaps she’ll even come to call someday!

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