Saturday, January 3, 2009

Join In The Travel Nursing Fun Now!

One famous ad slogan in the US was, "It's not a job; it's an adventure!" That could easily apply to travel nursing. People who become nurses already welcome challenging and exciting work that can change lives for the better. So it's not much of a leap to travel nursing when everyone knows that nurses are in demand all over the world. And that leap should take you right to Continental Travelnurse. (Here's a link to our main website with loads of info and contact details.)

But when top nurses in Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the US think about nursing in the UK -- be it London England or Ireland or Scotland -- they often google words like "nurse" and "agency" and "job." But Continental Travelnurse is NOT an agency. It's much, much better.

Based in London, Continental Travelnurse places nurses in prime hospitals with great housing nearby for three month terms -- all at the nurse's discretion. The advantages of Continental Travelnurse are endless.

Nurses who come into a health care setting via an agency are always day-to-day. They wear separate uniforms and are always playing catch up. The staff never knows if the nurse will be back the next day or in what department and treat them accordingly -- like newbies who aren't worth bringing up to speed or getting to know.

Nurses from Continental Travelnurse are part of the team. They always wear the same uniform as staff (and -- shh! -- are usually even paid more than staff). They are placed in a certain unit and become part of the team. Because they will be there every week for three months, everyone's job is easier. The nurse can be welcomed and brought up to speed. The nurse can be depended on. And the nurse can depend in turn on a stable, positive environment where they are a welcome addition, not just an extra pair of hands for a day that can be as much a burden as a help.

Nurses who come from an agency have no past and future. They can't develop a relationship with their coworkers or get into a rhythm.

Nurses who come from Continental Travelnurse are present and accounted for. They do develop a great relationship with their coworkers. In three months, they can both get into a rhythm and keep in mind the pleasing knowledge that they'll be free to choose from any option they want in the blink of an eye. (You'll be surprised how quickly 12 weeks can pass when you're doing a job you enjoy in an exciting new environment.)

Nurses who come from an agency are rarely valued highly; they simply don't have time to make a good impression.

Nurses who come from Continental Travelnurse are always valued highly. It is no exaggeration to say that virtually every nurse we have ever placed is asked to come on staff when their three months are up. If that doesn't interest the nurse, they're asked to extend to another three months in the job. Nurses who feel they still have a lot to explore in the area are free to accept this eager offer. Nurses who want to try another region of the UK or just want to take a few weeks or months off to go touristing can do that as well.

Nurses from overseas who try to find work through an agency in London or other UK city will face daunting paperwork that those agencies simply are not equipped to help them with. They're basically on their own.

Nurses who come to Continental Travelnurse find a highly trained staff quite adept at steering them through the redtape that must be hurdled in order to practice their career in the UK. It's far less burdensome a task when you have people who've helped hundreds of other nurses dot the "i's" and cross the "t's" in order to gain the license that makes them such a highly desired asset to every health care establishment in the EU.

Travel nursing truly is not just a job. It's an adventure in your career and in fun: nurses can work in the UK during the week and quickly and inexpensively fly to Paris or Rome for the weekend. (Plane travel is surprisingly cheap in Europe and going from London to Paris is like going from New York to Boston, more of a long commute than a big journey). Then, between stints they can get a rail pass on the great trains and explore Europe at length. During their jobs, they will also find great attractions both in the city they're based in and the surrounding areas.

Once you try travel nursing, regular old stay-at-home nursing seems positively staid. Why not take advantage of your excellent education and desirable qualifications to explore the world? Why not seek out work AND fun in England, Ireland and Scotland while sampling the rest of Europe at your leisure? Why not avoid the short-sighted, short-term day agencies and indeed reject agencies altogether in exchange for the long-term, goal-oriented and fun-oriented atmosphere of Continental Travelnurse, a London-based company with decades of experience in travel nursing and links to the top hospitals in the UK? Why not turn your job into an adventure?

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