Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Wedding Bells For Two Travel Nurses

Continental TravelNurse guarantees a great experience for all the travel nurses who want to work, make good money and see different parts of the world and have fun doing it. Of course, we can’t guarantee you’ll meet the love of your life – but it has happened. Though they both came from Australia, they’d never met before coming to the UK and working with Continental TravelNurse. Kirstie Clark (formerly Barwick) explains. (She’s pictured on the right with husband Jon.)

“I’m from a small county in New South Wales,” says Kirstie. “Jon is from Newcastle. They’re about six hours away from each other by car. We didn’t know each other and we both took travel nursing jobs in Edinburgh, Scotland.” Kirstie was looking to work at a fulfilling job in her field, save some money and travel around. Romance was not on the agenda. “No, that was the last thing on my mind,” she laughs.

“We kind of hung about with each other for a month or two,” remembers Kirstie. “We did tourist-y things like going to Edinburgh Castle. Six weeks into it, we started to get serious.” Jon loved that they both took deep satisfaction in their jobs – and having fun. “She has a keen interest in healthcare and we both feel the same way about the importance of helping people,” says Jon.

Then Kirstie describes what can only be called a classic Continental TravelNurse experience. They used the money they’d saved up during their two assignments to go skiing in Austria. During their third assignment in Oxford, the new couple took weekend trips to Paris and elsewhere. “Then we used the money we saved during that assignment, took trips to Greece and Spain and then we flew home, says Kirstie. “We came home in May 2006. I moved to Newcastle. He proposed to me on New Year’s Eve. We were going on a cruise around Newcastle Harbor when he asked me and we got married March 8, 2008.” And Continental TravelNurse was there in spirit. “I wouldn’t have met her any other way,” says Jon.

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