Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Continental Travelnurse Explores Lands End

No, no, we're not sending our Continental Travelnurses to the ends of the earth! But the women and men who take their highly valued skills as nurses and use them to see the world are an adventurous sort. Take Helena Isaksson, from Sweden. She's taking advantage of her time in the UK to explore the region -- and that took her to Lands End in Cornwall, the most westerly point in England. Helena took some gorgeous photographs as she explored towns like Penzanze where she stayed (not a pirate to be seen, alas), St Ives and Sennen, where she fell in love with the famous "First and Last House."  (That's the charming white building below.) When our nurses aren't saving lives, they're promoting tourism all over Europe! Check out some of Helena's lovely images. And if you want to see the world and get paid doing it, check out Continental Travelnurse's website for more info.