Friday, September 19, 2014

Did Continental Travelnurse Set A World Record?

We're not sure if we set a world record, but it sure felt like we hit our personal best recently. How? By welcoming dozens of new nurses into the UK all at once. Here are two shots of us meeting a clutch of them at Heathrow before they headed off to their new homes in Cambridge.

Now it's not exactly Where's Waldo, so you only get a few bonus points for spotting our super star recruiter Lina from Sweden amidst all these talented people in the second photo. It was a fun and exciting challenge to make sure everything ran smoothly for our new nurses. Happily our Cambridge Welcoming Team was up to the task, especially Mwana our housing coordinator extraordinaire! With all hands on deck, it came off smoothly. Our real satisfaction will be watching them have an exciting time as they excel at their work, make friends and explore the UK and Europe.

But it's nice to start off with this text from one of the new members of our family, Patrick.  He wrote to his recruiter: "Hello, Erin! I’m already here in Cambridge and the place is amazing. We met Rafaela, Lina and Stephanie at the airport and they brought us to each of our designated houses. I was surprised with the house. It is really BIG and our back yard is like a tennis court! Ha ha! It’s very comfortable here and the weather is great! The staff of Continental Travelnurse that we met were very dedicated in welcoming us. I feel like the luckiest man alive!"

Thanks for letting us know how great your adventure has begun, Patrick. If you want to join our family at Continental Travelnurse, use your skills to make money and see the world, go to our website today for more info or just call us!