Thursday, February 14, 2013

Great New Home, Great New Job And A Great Vacation!

We love hearing great feedback from our travel nurses. They come to work in the UK because they trust us to create a great experience from where they live to where they work. Hannah settled into her new home and wrote us, "Thank you so much! You really have outdone yourself here with this place. It is so lovely, and it's really great I get to live with my friend Lara! We have been loving it so far. Thanks again Jenni we love it!" Glad to hear it!

Just as important as where they stay is where they work. Our travel nurses have great experiences there too. Kristen describes her first days on the ward: "What a busy week!! But things have been really good! I have had a wonderful experience with the ward so far! They have given me an amazing induction - I have met everyone form the dietician, bereavement nurse, pharmacist, nurse practitioner - they have all gone out of their way to take time and speak with me and show me around. I have taken a few extra courses (they signed me up for a child recall day so I did manuel training, infection control) they have me signed up for an IV course, and electronic charting... and everyone has been so warm and welcoming! I really like it there!"

Many of our travel nurses work for a while and then take off on an adventure, work some more and then head off again. That's exactly what Renee is doing, who shared photos of her ski vacation. She wrote, "My 2 weeks in Austria were amazing. From day 1 we were into ski lessons (for the beginner like me) and did 4 full days of lessons, by the end of day 3 we were conquering the easy runs on the mountain and probably annoying the seasoned professionals because at first we were going so slow!" Up next for Renee: a tour of Europe.