Friday, August 17, 2012

Mayfair Treasure Hunt A Success!

Continental Travelnurse hosted another one of its famous get-togethers for our nurses. This time it was a Mayfair Treasure Hunt. Any nurses from far away who couldn't make it but are interested in arranging one for their area, just contact us for tips about how we did it and ideas for adapting the Treasure Hunt to your area. It's a great way to socialize with the nurses you don't regularly run into in your area.

This year's  event took  place on Thursday, July 26th on a rarely seen sunny and warm London evening -- call it fate! The action began at Grosvenor Square where an outdoor party was already in full swing with ping pong and giant versions of chess, Jenga and Connect Four.

After posing for a few group shots and listening to the rules, our nurses were divided into 5 teams that were each fearlessly led by one of our  recruiters or Carl, the amazing guru of payroll at Continental Travelnurse! Off they all went in different directions, learning more about Mayfair history with each answer they found. It was silly and fun but best of all it gave our nurses a chance to get to know each other and their favourite Continental Travelnurse staffer!

All teams met up at the finish line, The Audry Pub with Hayley there to meet them and judge the entries! Everyone had a ball mingling, eating and toasting the gracious Champion Treasure Hunters: Team Katie Bartley. They found 19 out of 25 clues and each member -- Kate Tenberge, Anna Forrester, Jennifer Treloar and Tammy Mackenzie -- walked away with a London 2012 Olympic mug and wrist band. 

Of course, our clients know the real treasure are the highly skilled and professional nurses that Continental Travelnurse provides to them. We only work with the best nurses and the best hospitals so everyone is assured of a gold medal experience. If you want to learn more about Continental Travelnurse or if you're already certain you want to use your valuable nursing skills to travel, have fun and earn money and respect while doing so, check out our website and contact us today! You don't need clues or teammates to guide you, just the desire to find out exactly how valued you will be working in the UK.