Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Here's a note from another Katie just starting her Continental Travelnurse experience. (In case you're wondering, we do hire nurses who AREN'T named Katie, as well. :)

Hi Aine! I love Brighton! Thank you! What a wicked exciting city to be in! Thank you so much for placing me here!
I had my first shift today. Everyone was lovely! Such a new system to get used to, plus being on the ward again, but lovely and I have no doubt that before long I'll be up to speed.
The Australian couple who I am sharing the flat with are lovely! Really nice couple! The house we are in is great, I can see the ocean from my room! And we are perfectly situated close to hospital and down town!
So just to let you all is going well! Brighton is such a colorful city and I love it! Everyone on the ward today was super supportive and patient  with me! Hope you had a good trip back to the UK.
Talk soon, Katie