Thursday, February 2, 2012

Ice Skating Party Photos


Continental Travelnurse had its 3rd annual skating event recently. It was really fun with lots of nurses turning up to skate and socialize with other nurses and our Continental office staff. We nibbled on Mexican chips and dip and drank bountiful beverages. The Moose Bar was extremely busy with after-work drinkers from nearby businesses in Canary Wharf. But we managed to all get to our reserved space and have a good catch up. It was nice to meet new nurses and to see them chatting with Continental Travelnurses, asking for advice, tips and generally getting to know each other.

As far as the skating was concerned everyone gave it a go… we had some confident skaters: Kate from the office and Chantelle Golding were whizzing round the rink and helped some not so confident skaters stay up right!! We were impressed with Jane Ukandu and Caroline Stanley Smith who were still skating past 9pm!! We saw quite a few people fall on their bums including one of our nurses but we won’t name and shame!! Linda, a new member of the Continental Travelnurse office team, Guiliana Vertolli and Onika Ottley did brilliantly getting on the ice and not clinging to the sides (too much!). They haven’t skated for a while so they faced their fears...maybe the wine helped!! We look forward to seeing everyone in the spring for our next meet and greet which will be confirmed nearer the time.