Friday, September 30, 2011

Our Nurses, Our Friends

Continental Travelnurse only works with the best nurses from Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the United States. They come to the UK to travel, have fun, and use their highly trained skills at the best medical centers here. So it's no surprise that virtually every nurse on assignment in the UK is valued so highly that they're offered permanent jobs. In fact, we're quite proud of how top-notch they are.

Most of our nurses love the travel and adventure, so they move on. But some do decide to go on staff. That doesn't change the fact that they'll always be part of the Continental Travelnurse family.

So when it we remembered it was Gwen's anniversary with us, we sent a note to wish her a happy day and check in, even though she's now on staff at the prestigious St. Thomas' Hospital. How nice to get this response:


It's been so long since I communicated and I am on my bended knees apologizing!!!!! I do often think of you all in the office. I haven't been to the centre of London for months so I haven't called in. I am hoping to amend this before Christmas so will let you know a day. Please give my love to all.


Now that's a commitment, Gwen. We look forward to catching up and hearing all your latest adventures. If you want to become part of Continental Travelnurse, check out our website for more information. You won't just gain a great opportunity and a great adventure nursing and exploring the UK -- you'll also gain friends for life.