Friday, February 4, 2011

First Annual Continental Travelnurse Ice Skating Party!

Thanks to all of you who attended the Ice Skating event at Canary Wharf recently. It was a huge success with about 30 of our friends in attendance, making a grand total of about 40 people when you include all the people from the main office of Continental Travelnurse.

It was a great night for everyone. Of course, not all of you could travel to London for the event but we hope more can make it next year. This was our second year and travelers came from as far as Oxford and Brighton. Some came to skate. Some came for the spectacular, moonlit surroundings at Canary Wharf. And we suspect that everyone was drawn in by the cocktails, canapes and camaraderie.

Many of you had a good go on the Ice and we were really impressed with everyone’s skating efforts. One person in particular stood out: congratulations Sistern! Sistern came to us from Alabama in teh US but is originally from Gambia. He had never skated before but showed real determination on the ice, helped along by his lovely new wife who encouraged him every step of the way. Perseverance paid off and he was great!

Krissy Milbradt was a natural, but we are sorry to hear that the triple axle you pulled off caused you an injury! Luckily, you were surrounded by healthcare professionals. :)
We hope you have recovered now and will get back in the rink soon.

We were not expecting a world-class skater to be at the rink and Leslie was pleasantly surprised when she was taught some moves by Christopher Smart, a world class competitor at the junior level and future Olympian.

So thank you again to everyone who attended. It was an absolute blast and we look forward to seeing everyone at our summer event which will be announced in a few months time.