Monday, October 25, 2010

Want To Travel and Have Fun and Use Your Nursing Skills? Call Continental Travelnurse

Continental Travelnurse has so many options to offer. Instead of settling, go on an adventure. Come to the UK, put your skills to use immediately and fall in love with the UK and the rest of Europe, all of it cheap and easy flights away for fun weekends or during vacation breaks. You can commit to as little as three month stints at a time or stay as long as you like until your first choice is available at home, all while gaining valuable experience and memories of Europe that will last a lifetime.

Call Continental Travelnurse today. Why settle for less when you have acquired the skills that deserve the best?


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Is Most Medical Research Flawed?

The Atlantic Monthly has a fascinating profile of "meta-researcher" Dr. John Ioannidis, who has devoted his career to exposing the flaws found at every stage of published medical research. His respected work discovers that most medical papers are upended and that even nearly half of the absolutely most rigorous studies are fatally flawed. That's why one week you'll read that salt raises blood pressure and the next week that a new study shows that it doesn't and a week later a study that confuses you even more. Read "Lies, Damned Lies and Medical Science."

A New Member Of Continental's Family Gets A Surprise

I was in kitchen baking a chocolate cake to take to work tomorrow when the door rattled. I was hoping it was the plumber! But it was the post.

Thank you for the lovely birthday card and wishes from the office. When one is away from home emails are good but old fashion mail is a more concrete link with friends.

My first day is actually tomorrow, Wed Oct 20 7am. In Australia we take cake when it is our birthday so that is what I will do at Royal Sussex.

Christine is truly lovely. I feel a bit intimidated because she keeps saying "We love our Continental girls they have all been wonderful" -- a high standard to live up to. I hope I don't let you down!

Spent Sunday giving Janine a birthday, and Monday introducing her to Brighton .
Tonight Kathy Sachs and I are going to Brighton Comedy Festival

Thank you to everyone,


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

When Nurses And Doctors Disagree

Registered Nurse Theresa Brown has a thoughtful column in the New York Times about the difficult dance that occurs when a nurse disagrees with a doctor. She sees herself as an advocate for the patient, one who has typically spent much more time with them than the doctor. Brown covers several true-life incidents:

1. A doctor in training who had prescribed the wrong, life-threatening medication. In this case, of course, the nurse is obligated to act immediately and work her way up the food chain of authority until the dangerous step is avoided.

2. The more nuanced case of a patient in his 70s fighting leukemia and bitterly suffering from chemotherapy.

3. A doctor who simply told her, “When you get down to it, patients come to me for care, Theresa, not you.”

It's well worth a read.

Continental Travelnurse knows what the valuable skills of nurses are worth. That's why we place our nurses only in the best hospitals and medical facilities. That's why our nurses wear staff uniforms -- they're part of the team, not a day worker who will come and go but someone who will be part of the staff for three months. And -- shhhhhhh! -- we make certain our workers get a better salary than the equivalent people on staff.

Tired of being taken for granted? Come to the UK where your skills are desperately needed and highly valuable, where you'll be treated with he respect your talent deserves and where Continental Travelnurse will help you explore the UK and Europe in a way no tourist on holiday for two weeks could ever hope to do.

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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A Nurse Taking The IELTS In Australia Says Thanks

Thank you SO much for your time, you guys are always supportive and prompt with your emails! I have been spreading the word about your agency at work and many people have heard of you and always give positive comments!

Thanks again,