Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Nursing Homes: High Turnover Of Workers Hurts Quality Of Care

The New York Times has an article on nursing homes. It highlights a fact most people are unaware of but those of us in the industry know: the turnover rate for employees such as nurses' aides are extraordinarily high in the US. Often a staggering 70% or more of these employees quit or move on every year. Naturally, this damages the quality of care for the residents.

The solution? Treat these employees with respect, give them better training and more responsibility. That's all wonderful and vital, but a far more crucial incentive is mentioned only in passing: health and pension benefits. And one solution not mentioned at all: increasing the wages of these skilled workers which average $10.48 an hour (roughly 7 pounds).

Continental Travelnurse knows what the valuable skills of nurses are worth. That's why we place our nurses only in the best hospitals and medical facilities. That's why our nurses wear staff uniforms -- they're part of the team, not a day worker who will come and go but someone who will be part of the staff for three months. And -- shhhhhhh! -- we make certain our workers get a better salary than the equivalent people on staff.

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