Friday, June 11, 2010

Nurses On Strike In US, Health Reform Stumbles In Australia and More

Here's a roundup of some interesting medical-related news from around the world.

In Minneapolis, Minnesota in the United States, nurses went back to work after a massive 24 hour strike of thousands of workers. The nurses highlighted concerns they had about hospital practices but returned to work without settling negotiations. Read the article here.

In Australia, one of many countries looking to improve health care, reform of hospitals has stumbled over the issue of control: the federal government is the main financial supporter but power resides with local states and the Australian Medical Association does not think this is helpful. Read the article here.

In Canada, the government just approved labeling of certain foods as cholesterol fighters, a major victory in a country where health claims for foods are tightly regulated. Observers say this could lead to a flood of health claims for various new food products and perhaps a change in how Canadian consumers eat and what they consider to be healthy. Read the article here.

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