Thursday, May 13, 2010

Continental Travelnurse: Explore The Possibilities

Travel nursing truly is not just a job. It's an adventure in your career and in fun: nurses can work in the UK during the week and quickly and inexpensively fly to Paris or Rome for the weekend. (Plane travel is surprisingly cheap in Europe and going from London to Paris is like going from New York to Boston, more of a long commute than a big journey). Then, between stints they can get a rail pass on the great trains and explore Europe at length. During their jobs, they will also find great attractions both in the city they're based in and the surrounding areas.

Once you try travel nursing, regular old stay-at-home nursing seems positively staid. Why not take advantage of your excellent education and desirable qualifications to explore the world? Why not seek out work AND fun in England, Ireland and Scotland while sampling the rest of Europe at your leisure? Why not avoid the short-sighted, short-term day agencies and indeed reject agencies altogether in exchange for the long-term, goal-oriented and fun-oriented atmosphere of Continental Travelnurse, a London-based company with decades of experience in travel nursing and links to the top hospitals in the UK? Why not turn your job into an adventure?

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