Friday, September 27, 2013

Great Feedback From Bristol

Continental Travelnurse only works with the best hospitals and medical facilities? How do we do that? By only working with the best nurses, of course! Here's some great feedback about one of our nurses in Bristol from her supervisor.

I just wanted to say that SN Erin Campbell form the Continental Travelnurse Agency, who has been working on MAU for a few months and is leaving shortly has been a pleasure to work with. 
She fit straight in, took on board the differences in our culture and made the effort to learn. MAU can be very busy, but she has risen to the challenge and is always very hard working and can be relied upon. 
I would not hesitate in her working here again, and I am sorry she is leaving us but wish her very well in her future career!


That's great to hear. If you want to join the top professionals at Continental Travelnurse and use your valuable skills to work and play in the UK and Europe, check out our website today. 

Goodbye Party For Heather

OK, we'll admit at Continental Travelnurse that we sometimes hate goodbyes! Of course, we're doing it all the time since nurses come from all over the world, have a great time working and playing in the UK and Europe and then head home again. If you want to join the Continental Travelnurse family, check out our website to see how your valued skills as a nurse can let you see the world!

Meanwhile, we'll wave goodbye to Heather, who had a recent goodbye potluck party in Brighton (all her friends brought a dish) and then headed back to Canada! Thanks again for all your great work, Heather! Here are pictures of her flat and the great spread.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Continental Travelnurses Conquer Mt. Kilimanjaro

At Continental Travelnurse, the only thing more impressive than the great job our nurses do day in and day out is the list of remarkable accomplishments they achieve during their vacations. Three of our nurses conquered Mt. Kilimanjaro, the tallest free-standing mountain in the world! Below are some photos and a brief overview by Anna from America of what must have been an amazing journey. Thanks Anna for sharing your story!

I actually just returned to London this morning! It's been an amazing trip.

Me, Kathleen (from New Zealand), Erica (from New Zealand), and our architect friend from the states, Mark, chose to do the 7 day Lemosho route. It is said to be one of the more challenging but scenic. We were not disappointed. Just in our first two days of the hike, we passed through elaborate jungles filled with various different plant life and monkeys! We would hike for several hours a day with scenery changing every half day! It was like you were in a new place; nothing was ever the same. 

Our team consisted of 19 men!!! They became like family in a way, encouraging us, teaching us Swahili, and laughing at us of course. One afternoon at the last camp before the summit day, we needed to ease our stress so the Barufu games were born. We would challenge our guides, porters, and cooks to push ups, back bends, who was more flexible, and who could walk on their hands! It was my absolute favorite moment on the mountain. So priceless. 

The summit day was by far the most challenging. We woke up at 11 pm after no sleep and started our long journey to the peak. It was freezing, and we were exhausted. The only thing we could see was the little flicker of lights trailing up the mountain for miles. 

There were times I didn't think I'd make it. I ended up last, while the others pushed ahead. My guide Stanley, wiped my nose with his hanky and hand-fed me crackers and encouraged me to go on when I wanted to give up. After many hours of dark, cold hiking, we reached "Stella point" at around 6 am, near tears but so elated. Our guides danced and sang to us to keep us going. They told us we made it this far and we had to continue on to the peak. 

So Erica, Kathleen, and I reached the summit, Uhuru peak, together just before 8 am, exhausted but crying with joy. I couldn't believe I did it. It was an overwhelming sense of accomplishment and just proof that the mind can overcome the most uncomfortable situations. That and surrounding yourself with positive people who have the never-give-up attitude will get a person through nearly anything this life throws our way.


I return to work on Tuesday and will check my schedule. If I am not scheduled to work, I'd love to attend the October river lights cruise. I'll let you know!

-- Anna

Thanks Anna for sharing your amazing story and congrats on conquering Mt. Kilimanjaro! If you want to join Anna and other remarkable people at Continental Travelnurse, contact us today.